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Frequently Asked questions

Do you have a late policy?

We have a 5 minute late policy! This ensures that we keep our schedule and respect the time of our following clients.

Do you take walk-ins?

Services are scheduled depending on availability. If a walk in comes in and a barber has availability, we will take them! However, if we are booked up with appointments you will have to come back a later time. To save you time and ensure you have a spot, please give us a call or schedule your online appointment ahead of time!

What is the difference in a Men’s Grooming Specialist and a Barber?

While both licenses are highly trained in Men’s Grooming services, our Barbers have an extra 300 hours in training. Both are able to to provide you with razor shaves!

Are you a franchise?

We are not! The Garage Men’s Grooming was founded in 2017 by Daniela Brooks and she remains the owner/operator.

Do you guys offer sponsorship opportunities?

Of course we do! We love being involved in the community! While we cannot possibly say yes to everyone, we do have an allocated budget for sponsorships. For inquires please contact the shop managers!